Virtual Inauguration instructions

Instructions for Attendees for Inaugural Function:

All links will be shared through email only

It is mandatory to attend the Inaugural function on 02nd April 2021 from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM , it will be very important for the certificate distribution .

General Tips for Audience Participants for the presentation through ZOOM  Meet

Basic Session Structure:

  1. Join at sharp 10.15 AM
  2. You need to fill the Registration for by providing your name (as first name) and Paper submission ID (as last name) to ensure the attendance during inaugural function.
  3. You need to use virtual screen in your video tab (we recommend you to use your country flag as virtual screen) For an example – if your first name is Alexa and Submission ID is 526 then and the First Name you shoud write – Alexa and at the place of Last Name- 526 

Instruction to set virtual screen

(i) Kindly always sit before the plan white background/ wall for the good effect of Virtual background ( use your country flag as virtual background) 

(ii) Use only Laptop or good quality of webcam

The Inaugural function will be start as per the Beginning of the Session: The Session Chair will introduce the presenters.

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