1. What are the registration fees I need to pay for presenting paper?

Ans: You can paper 9000/ 8500/250 USD/275 USD as per your category, no other fees will be applicable. You can           pay registration fees only after acceptance of your paper

  1. How will get the receipt? 

 Ans: Receipt of Payumoney is valid for us, you will get original conference receipt at venue. 

  1. I completed registration, what is the next step? 

Ans: After registration you have to complete the process of submission of camera-ready     paper and copyright form online.

  1. When will get the link of camera-ready paper and copyright submission link? 

 Ans: Plz refer important dates

  1. What is meaning of Full Paper registration? 

Ans: Full paper registration is mandatory for presenting the paper (minimum one full registration is compulsory to present papers). 

  1. What is co-author? 

Ans: Once full author registration completed then only co-author registration is applicable, it is for the any author who wish to present paper or even attend the conference 

  1. How many certificates will be issue in maximum? 

Ans: Three, you will have to pay extra for extra certificate. 

  1. When will get the invitation letter for Visa? 

 Ans: We will issue the Visa letter after completing the registration. 

  1. Can you provide Accommodation? 

Ans: We have a dedicated team for Accommodation; we do not provide accommodation but provide assistance to get safe and secure accommodation within your budget. We always care our authors. Hostel accommodation will be provided to some of the authors.

  1. When will get the certificate? 

   Ans: During your presentation session you will get it. 

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