Yasuhiro Soshino1

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Manager, International Medical Relief Department, Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital

Yasuhiro Soshino is a manager of the international medical relief department in Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital. Since the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, he has been deployed to a lot of disaster response missions of the International Red Cross as a team leader, coordinator, and a logistician. Since 2004, he has been in charge of the R&D activities on humanitarian technologies. His department has been functioning as the humanitarian technology hub. He is a networking specialist with private sectors and public research institutions. His experiences in the field are reflected on the various humanitarian technologies such as the field hospital, the water supply system, the mobile flash toilet, and the call to action system for mass evacuation.

Currently, he is a PhD candidate in the department of environmental management and planning at the graduate school of science and technology, Kumamoto University, Japan.

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